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The perfect Magic Mouse case - successfully funded on Kickstarter.

After we launched our Kickstarter campaign, we were blown away by the response. People were enthusiastic about the product and excited to see it come to life.

We're so grateful to have such a supportive community behind us!


Our story to creating a Magic Mouse alternative.

Our story starts with an ergonomic problem with the Apple Magic Mouse. We love the functionality of the Apple Magic Mouse, but we wanted to find a way to make it more comfortable to use. Our passion for engineering and design led us not only to create a product of the highest quality and functionality, but also to design it according to our customer's needs.

At the end of the day, our team is all about bringing a smile to the face of our users. We're constantly searching for new and innovative ways to benefit our customers, and we're always striving to create products that are a joy to use.

From the idea to the finished product.

How to improve the Apple Mouse?

It all started with the search for an ergonomic Apple mouse with an elevation in the palm area. But since we are enthusiastic about the functionality of the Apple Magic Mouse, especially the great touch control, we didn't want to use a competitors' product. So when we started searching for an ergonomic Apple mouse with an elevation in the palm area, we didn't find any mouse meeting our requirements.

That's when we decided to take matters into our own hands and design our own ergonomic case for the Apple Magic Mouse. We began to create a variety of experiments and solutions on the drawing board until we found the perfect design. After several drafts and prototypes, we developed the perfect solution for those who value ergonomics and design and don't want to do without the many advantages of the Apple Magic Mouse.

First prototype of an Apple Magic Mouse case.

When we started work on our first prototype for our Magic Mouse case, we had no idea what the final product would look like. We just knew that we wanted to create something that would be an ergonomic improvement for the Apple Magic Mouse. As it turned out, our first prototype was far from perfect, but it did help us to start refining our ideas.

The prototype was made out of clay, and it didn't work at all, but in terms of ergonomics it was already a noticeable improvement. We knew we were on the right track and carried on developing.

Second prototype - already looking like an ergonomic case.

With the second prototype, we went wild. We used a 3d pen to create a design that was even more ambitious than the first one. It (still) is our favorite prototype (by far) because you could see that the idea got more serious with each step. This one was already compatible with all versions of the Apple Magic Mouse, and it worked like a charm. The only downside was that it was a bit too big for our liking. But overall, we were very pleased with the results.

Proof of concept.

We were amazed by the response to our first fully functional case, so we began developing a fully functional production concept, deciding on which materials should be used, which experts still need to be consulted and how the implementation should be financed.

The third prototype of our 3D-printed case for the Apple Magic Mouse was a big step forward in terms of both design and precision. We were able to create a more realistic design that fit perfectly onto the mouse, thanks to advances in 3D printing technology. The results were impressive, and we're excited to see what we can achieve.

Founding a small business.

Once we knew we were going ahead full steam with our idea, we founded our company “Solumics GmbH". We searched for office space and defined our values, visions, and mission. We also stacked up our prototyping game by purchasing a few 3D printers.

It was all very exciting - finally, we were able to work on our project professionally! And what a project it was turning out to be. We were determined to make it work and ready to spend many long nights and weekends to launch our first product.


After ensuring the functionality and ergonomics, we started working with experts to improve the design of our Apple Magic Mouse case. We wanted our product to not just be functional, but also stylish matching the minimalistic Apple design. So, we started working with product designers to create a look that would be both eye-catching and easy to use. We focused on creating a design that would be simple and elegant, with clean lines and a minimalistic aesthetic.

We also made sure to add features that would improve the user experience, such as a comfortable grip for the thumb and pinky finger. In the end, we developed 5 promising prototypes which were both, beautiful and practical - just like the Apple Magic Mouse.

Beta testing.

After more than 20 individual designs, we sent the 5 most promising prototypes to be tested by people from all walks of life.

We knew we had something special when we had the final case in front of us. It was sleek, sophisticated, and unlike anything else on the market.


We knew the Solumics Case was good, but we wanted to make sure there was a market for it before we went into mass production. So we decided to test the waters with a Kickstarter campaign. The response was amazing!

We not only met our funding goal, but we also received valuable responses from our backers. Based on that feedback, we made some tweaks to our design and began work on a larger production run.

Producing under fair conditions in Germany

After months of anticipation, the Solumics Case was finally going into production! The innovative new product was funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign, and it is now available in our online shop with additional accessories.

To guarantee quality and sustainability while maintaining fair production conditions. Unlike many other small businesses, the Solumics Case is manufactured in Germany to strict production and work environment standards.