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Successfully funded on Kickstarter.

After we launched our kickstarter campaign, we were blown away by the response. People were enthusiastic about the product and excited to see it come to life.

We're so grateful to have such a supportive community behind us!

Our story.

In the beginning there was a problem that needed to be solved. This developed into a small start-up with big dreams in Upper Austria. Our passion includes not only products of the highest quality and functionality, but also customer satisfaction.

At the end of the day, our team is all about bringing that smile to the face of our users. Our path is defined by the search for new, innovative ways to benefit our customers with products that are a joy to use.

From the idea to the finished product.


It all started with the search for an ergonomic mouse with an elevation in the palm area. But since we are enthusiastic about the functionality of the Apple Magic Mouse, especially the great gesture control, we didn't want to use a competitors' product.

In order to adapt the Apple Magic Mouse to our requirements, we began to create a variety of experiments and solutions on the drawing board.

First prototype.

Our first prototype was far from perfect, but it was already starting to take on the Solumics.Case final shape.

After several tests, numerous clay models, and many opinions, the basis for the second prototype was created.

Second prototype.

With the second prototype we advanced to more precise 3D printing techniques, which led to more and more realistic designs.

Proof of concept.

We were amazed by the feedback on our first fully functional prototype, so we began developing a fully functional production concept, deciding on which materials should be used, which experts still need to be consulted and how the implementation should be financed.

At last, our creation was no longer just an idea.

Founding of Solumics.

Once we knew we were going ahead full steam with our idea, we founded our company “Solumics GmbH,” searched for office space, and defined our values, visions and mission. Ready for success!


The Solumics.Case is designed to fit seamlessly with the design of the Magic Mouse while still keeping its functionality completely intact.

With the help of product designers, we created numerous designs and prototypes to find just the right design, and we’re really excited about the result.

Beta testing.

After more than 20 individual designs, we sent the 5 most promising prototypes to be tested by people from all walks of life.

After extensive rounds of feedback, one prototype emerged as the winner and it quickly became clear: We had something special on (or under) our hands!


Even small amounts can create big things. We were confident that together, we could get the Solumics.Case manufactured and in your hands.


With successful financing, the Solumics.Case was finally able go into production.

To guarantee quality and sustainability while maintaining fair production conditions, the Solumics.Case is manufactured in Germany to strict production and work environment standards.