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The world's first ergonomic case for the Apple Magic Mouse.

Upgrade your Magic mouse for a more comfortable grip and a smoother workflow.


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The majority of us spend at least a third of our day at our computer, making ergonomics a crucial part of our wellbeing.

How does it work?

A sophisticated design that can be used with all generations of the Magic Mouse. Ideal for an ergonomic workspace.

More than just an add-on.

6 reasons why you will love the Solumics.Case.
Elevated palm rest

Control your Magic Mouse from a comfortable height.

The Solumics.Case elevates your palm ergonomically, allowing for a more natural hand position over time.

Seamless gesture control

For an efficient workflow.

Gestures remain uninterrupted and are still a joy to use.

Easy attached & firm fitting

Simple, but elegant.

Attach and remove your case in less than 3 seconds. Attached, your mouse sits firmly in the case with zero wiggle-room , yet still rests on its own glide bars.

Integrated side extensions

For a wider & more comfortable grip.

Give your fingers the right grip and enjoy a cozier hand position.

Custom emergency cable

So you always have a quick solution on hand.

Hidden within the case is our very own custom charging & data transfer cable. (various connection types)

Stealth glide nubs

Reduced friction & noise.

For a smoother & faster workflow Reduced noise, less friction, and super pleasing.

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Fits all versions of the Magic Mouse

A sophisticated design that can be used with all generations of the Apple Magic Mouse.

What can you expect?

Some Youtubers really liked the idea and decided to unbox & review our case.

Choose your favorite color

Available in three different color combinations:
White/Silver, Black/Silver, Black/Grey
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Testers' feedback.

Some opinions of people using our case for 40+ hours
After about 10 years of daily usage of the Magic Mouse, this was a welcome relief for my wrist.

I often had pain in my upper arm and bad posture at my desk. This has taken care of that.

Andreas Kuschner | Creative Art Director
Mouse usage per week: 50h
If you work with Photoshop, Indesign, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, etc., you need this.

The combination of increased ergonomics and remaining gesture control makes the case perfect for heavy users
Lukas Nötstaller | Photo- and videographer
Mouse usage per week: 50h
Improves hand posture and definitely makes working more comfortable.

Ideal for those who like the features of the mouse but don't want to compromise on ergonomics

Oliver Hutterer | Graphic Designer
Mouse usage per week: 60h
The fact that my palm is elevated by the Solumics.Case makes daily work with the Magic Mouse much more comfortable.

Once you start using the case, you don't want to go back.

Amal Daher | Performance Marketing
Mouse usage per week: 40h
The Solumics.Case feels really comfortable in your hand. It instantly feels familiar and you get used to it within minutes.

Definitely an ideal addition for anyone who works with the Apple Magic Mouse regularly.
Björn Stojanovic | Sales Manager
Mouse usage per week: 50h
An absolute necessity for frequent workers on Apple devices.

I wouldn't go without it in my home office.

Robert Rosenauer | Managing Partner
Mouse usage per week: 30h