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Infos & Storiesmagic mouse versions

Magic Mouse versions through the years: From original to latest

Dive into the history of Magic Mouse Versions, starting from the original Magic Mouse launched in 2009 to its successor, the Magic Mouse 2, in 2015. This article delves into the progression of Appl...

Infos & Storiesmagic mouse uncomfortable

Magic Mouse Uncomfortable? Tips for Better Ergonomics

Struggling with Magic Mouse discomfort? You're not alone. Its minimalist design can lead to strain for those with larger hands. Solutions include the Solumics.Case, ergonomic accessories, and prope...

Infos & Storieshow long does magic mouse battery last

How long does the Magic Mouse battery last & how to improve it

For optimal Magic Mouse performance, understanding battery longevity is key. This blog article highlights crucial tips, from selecting high-quality batteries for Magic Mouse 1 to efficient charging...

Infos & Storiesmagic mouse 3 release date

Rumors about the Magic Mouse 3 release date: What to Expect

Anticipation grows for the Magic Mouse 3, rumored to debut in Spring 2024 with a shift to USB-C, aligning with EU charging standards. Although Apple has yet to confirm, this potential update reflec...

Infos & StoriesMagic Mouse handpain

Ease your Magic Mouse handpain with simple ergonomic solutions

Struggling with hand pain from the Magic Mouse? Our article introduces ergonomic solutions to ease this issue. Discover how adjusting your hand positioning and integrating the Solumics Case can enh...

Infos & StoriesMagic Mouse not working properly

Your Magic Mouse is not working properly? Most common issues and fixes

This guide provides quick fixes for common Magic Mouse issues, from connectivity and power checks to gesture recognition problems. It introduces the ergonomic Solumics Case and emphasizes the impor...