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Rumors about the Magic Mouse 3 release date: What to Expect

magic mouse 3 release date

Are you tracking the Magic Mouse 3 release date? Speculation points to Spring 2024, but as of now, Apple has yet to announce a date. Stay tuned with us, as we relay the most up-to-date and factual information on the arrival of Apple’s latest Magic Mouse.

Key Takeaways

  • The Magic Mouse 3 is rumored to replace the Lightning port with USB-C due to EU regulations, potentially launching in Spring 2024.
  • The Solumics Case is an ergonomic accessory for Magic Mouse users, offering a more comfortable grip and maintaining functionality and design aesthetics.
  • While no official ‘Magic Mouse 3’ exists, the second-gen Magic Mouse now includes a USB-C to Lightning cable, and Apple’s mice evolution shows a trajectory of innovation and design changes since 2009.

Rumors about the Magic Mouse 3

apple magic mouse in white

In the ever-evolving tech landscape, the Magic Mouse 3 has emerged as a subject of much speculation. Rumors are abuzz that Apple may replace the familiar Lightning port with a USB-C connection to comply with EU regulations advocating a universal standard for electronic devices.

This anticipated shift to USB-C is likely to extend to a range of Apple's peripheral devices, potentially aligning with the Magic Mouse 3's debut. It's wise to manage our expectations, though, as some insiders suggest the USB-C port might be the sole major update.

Regarding the release date, online chatter points to a potential Spring 2024 launch, but as with all things in the tech world, nothing is confirmed until Apple makes it official. For now, we remain hopeful for a spring revelation.

USB-C Transition for Apple Accessories

In a notable leak on Weibo, tech insider Instant Digital alluded to a Spring 2024 release for not just the Magic Mouse, but also the Magic Keyboard and Trackpad, all expected to sport USB-C ports. This anticipated update falls in line with Apple's gradual adoption of USB-C across its product lineup, which includes iPads, AirPods Pro, the Siri remote, and the much-discussed iPhone 15. Despite the EU's looming 2024 deadline for a universal charging standard, Apple's existing lineup with Lightning connectors will not be immediately impacted.

Solumics Case: Enhancing Magic Mouse Comfort

hand on a magic mouse with the solumics case

While we eagerly anticipate the Magic Mouse 3, let’s shift our focus to a remarkable innovation that’s already here – the Solumics Case. This ergonomic case is designed specifically for the Magic Mouse 1 and 2, offering a more comfortable grip and an elevated wrist position.

Moreover, the Solumics Case is a versatile shell compatible with all versions of the Apple Magic Mouse, enhancing the device with an improved ergonomic design while preserving its full functionality.

Benefits of the Solumics Case

More than just an accessory, the Solumics Case provides several notable benefits that cater to the needs of avid Magic Mouse users. The elevated palm area is ingeniously designed to reduce hand fatigue, which is a common complaint for those spending long hours at their desks.

The Solumics Case isn't just a simple Magic Mouse cover; it's an upgrade that maintains the Magic Mouse's original look and touch features while making it more comfortable and precise to use. It's been well-received for its blend of practicality and ergonomic improvement.

The case's lightweight construction ensures that it adds only a negligible amount of weight to the mouse, essential for maintaining the smooth, easy maneuvering that Magic Mouse users have come to appreciate. Additionally, it offers better handling, especially for those who find the original design too flat or slippery, making it a practical accessory for any Apple user.

Magic Mouse Evolution: From 1st Generation to Present

magic mouse in different colors

Now, let’s take a step back in time and trace the evolution of the Magic Mouse from its first-generation release in 2009 to the present. The journey is marked by revolutionary changes, from the introduction of multi-touch functionality to the replacement of AA batteries with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

First-Generation Magic Mouse

backside of magic mouse version 1

The first-generation Apple Magic Mouse made its debut in 2009, revolutionizing the world of computer peripherals with its minimalist design and a seamless piece of acrylic that enabled multi-touch functionality.

This bluetooth enabled mac mouse, compatible with devices such as the iMac Pro, Mac mini, Mac Pro, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro, connects wirelessly to Mac computers using Bluetooth technology, powered by two AA batteries. Moreover, it uses laser tracking for enhanced precision on various surfaces, making it an instant hit among Apple users.

Second-Generation Magic Mouse

Fast forward to 2015, and we saw the arrival of the Magic Mouse 2. This second-generation model brought several significant updates, the most notable of which was the introduction of a built-in rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for replaceable batteries.

The Magic Mouse 2 also brought an optimized foot design for a smoother glide experience and an array of color options, including pastel colors and a new black variant with a silver aluminum finish.

For a deeper dive into how the Magic Mouse 1 and Magic Mouse 2 compare, you might find our comprehensive analysis helpful. Learn more about each model's strengths and how they might suit your specific needs by visiting Magic Mouse vs Magic Mouse 2.

The Misconception of Magic Mouse 3

Now, let’s clear up a common misconception about the Magic Mouse 3. Despite what you may have heard or read, the term ‘Magic Mouse 3’ is not an official product name. Rather, it’s a misnomer associated with the inclusion of a USB-C to Lightning cable.

As of today, Apple has not officially released a product named ‘Magic Mouse 3’. The updated second-generation Magic Mouse now comes with a USB-C to Lightning cable, in response to the European Parliament’s directive for device charging port standardization and the industry’s broader shift towards the USB-C format.

Pros and Cons of Current Magic Mouse Versions

Delve into the progression of Magic Mouse versions to see Apple's commitment to design and innovation. With its sleek design and ambidextrous form, the Magic Mouse has won many hearts. However, its flat shape can lead to discomfort and lack of palm support during prolonged use.

While the Magic Mouse excels in general multi touch connections, such as multitouch gestures and precise tracking, the absence of additional side buttons limits its functionality for some use cases, such as quick navigation and gaming. In comparison, a Magic Trackpad might offer a different user experience.

Despite these limitations, the Magic Mouse boasts impressive battery life, lasting several weeks on a full charge. A two-minute charge can provide around 9 hours of usage. However, its design prevents use while charging, a flaw that has been criticized since its launch.


In conclusion, the Magic Mouse has come a long way since its first-generation release in 2009, with each update bringing improvements in functionality and design. The rumored Magic Mouse 3, with its expected USB-C connection, is eagerly anticipated, even as the Solumics Case provides an immediate solution to some of the existing model’s ergonomic issues.

Despite some drawbacks, the Magic Mouse remains a popular choice for many Apple users. With the addition of the Solumics Case, users can now maximize their Magic Mouse experience, enjoying enhanced comfort and control without compromising on design or functionality.

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